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What other academic affiliations do you have?

Kevin Meehan
posted this on March 23, 2012, 5:14 PM

As an accredited, degree-granting member of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), New Charter University is an institutional member of the following organizations:


Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) - CHEA is a non-profit organization serving as the national advocate for self-regulation through accreditation.


American Council on Education (ACE)  - ACE is the nation's umbrella higher education association.


Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)  - New Charter University is an institutional member of CAEL, the national leader in the field of adult learning dedicated to expanding lifelong learning opportunities for adults.


Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) - AACRAO is a nonprofit association of admissions and registration professionals which provides leadership in academic and enrollment services.

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