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Can I repeat a final if I fail it?

Kevin Meehan
posted this on March 23, 2012, 5:28 PM

In courses that have a Pre-Final, students must take that assessment prior to taking the Final Exam. Although passing the Pre-Final is not a guarantee of passing the actual Final Examination, it guides students in determining their readiness to take the Final Examination and in choosing areas in which to focus their preparation. If a student passes the Final Exam and his/her final grade is high enough to receive credit toward the program, the student may not re-take the Final Exam. If a student fails the Final Exam, or if his/her final grade is not high enough to receive credit toward the program, the student may attempt the Final Exam a second time. While registered in a course, a student may take the proctored Final Exam no more than two times. If a student does not pass on the second attempt, s/he will receive an F grade for the course. The student, after consultation with his/her Student Advisor, may re-register in the course one additional time, in a subsequent term. If the student does not pass the course in the subsequent attempt, the student will be administratively withdrawn from that academic program.


Students may repeat courses when (a) they have received a non-passing grade, or (b) when they have received a grade that does not meet program requirements, or (c) when they wish to improve their GPA. Students may repeat a course that was passed only once. That is, they may take any course no more than a total of two times. When the student repeats a course and receives a higher grade, the higher grade will be used for calculating the GPA. If the student performs unsatisfactorily in the repeated course(s), the original grade will be used for calculating GPA.

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